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New Game for last Christmas.
Is HTML5, for mobile too!!
Link game:
Post you custumize girl!! 

¡¡Nuevo juego!!
Juego de la pasada Navidad, programado en html5 para opción de jugar para móvil.
Enlace en :

New game!!!

Style fashion victorian dress up!!

Nuevo juego estilo “dress up” moda victorian lolita.
Entrad para jugar en :
¡Enviad su personaje personalizado!

Ya tenemos aquí el juego de Wedding Lily!!!


google play:

Empresa: Ravalmatic
Angela Lara (muñeca, peinados, outift y fondos)
Estela Gaona (vestidos, outift y complementos)

Quick drawing manga style. Two hours of work but the reduced time, sorry if there are things you do not understand, I’m new at this.
It is an original work.
Music is the Japanese group “Perfume”, this video is created nonprofit.
I am an artist, illustrator, you can follow me from these links:
Page facebook:
Portafolio online:
Behance portafolio:…
My devianart:
My tumblr:
My twitter:!/Angy_chan
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Thanks you for visit! :D



Sorry for the lack of WIPs on this pic.  Here are jpg’s of all the steps (with not-so-very-clear notes).

All the work was done in GIMP.

Wait what? A grayscale shade layer??? What layer option do you use though, let alone change the color successfully?

Tutorial básico de color, esta obra no es mía, solo comparto.

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